12angry jurors

12angry jurors

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I wake up with a pounding in my

head. I looked around he room to see what

woke me up and that's when I noticed I

wasn't in my room or in my house. Where

was I? I looked to my left and saw a men

that looked so much like my fiancé but he


That's when I remembered what I did last

night. I cheated on the love of my life

with a man I didn't even know or cared

for. I look at the clock to see what time

it is, 12:00pm.

I got up from the bed quietly but

quickly and took all belongs and left as

fast as I could. I looked at my phone

knowing I would see texts and missing

calls from my fiancé jay. I feel so sick

with guilt. I know he knows what I have

done, one of his friends saw me and came

up to me last night but I was far too

drunk to care at that moment.

I keep my head down in shame as I

walked down the street. To the house we

recently moved into together. I looked up

once when my name was called and gave a

fake smile to her when she says, “Hey

Leah, how are you sweetie?” I feel like

she knows that I betrayed Jay when she

looks into my eyes, but that’s

impossible. I must be going crazy.

Why did I have to do this? Im such a

hypocrite. I was the one terrified of

getting hurt. I was the one that never

wanted to fall in love because of what I

have seen my parenrts go through. How

they would fight and cheat on eachotheer

and put me in the middle. Since then it

was always hard for me to let people in,

I feared that they would deceive my trust

and love. But one person broke my walls

down so easily. I met him in my first

year of college. He was so different then

anyone I ever met. He made me feel

special and loved. I told him everything,

about my parents, about not trusting

people. He cared so much and I fell in

love with him deeply and truly. It always

scared me that I loved him so much.

I think that’s the reason why I did...

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