15 ton gas fire tube boiler

15 ton gas fire tube boiler

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15 ton gas fire tube boiler is economical with 90% high efficiency: reasonable Design including three trip smoke pass design, full wet back design, 100% furnace with corrugation design, 100% water enfold fire overall design that ensure an improved efficiency that common boilers. Automatic: Equipped with controller of good quality and gratification.

Fire tube boiler easy maintenance: front and back movable smokebox doors, fire observation hole, check hole for inspection and cleaning, manhole, handhold and headstall an the boiler body which will make taking care easier.

Large steam capacity: ZG gas fire tube boiler can adopt in the load change, output stability, large vapor space volume, online space within the interface with the fizzy drinks and exports of steam is enough, steam humidity is low.
15 ton gas fire tube boiler work safety: reliable Protection of pressure along with the groundwater level;boiler pressure and waterline multiple protection, well as over smoke temperature protection, make sure the safety of boiler operation.

Environment-friendly: 15 ton gas steam boiler available adopts excellent imported burner able to burning the fuel out and brings lower emission. Were engaged in manufacturing and supplying a terrific assured selection of fire tube hot water boilers and fire tube steam boiler exported to Russia.

We are professional boiler supplier and manufacturer, we supply gas fire tube boiler with a complete range of 1 ton - 35 ton. We'd like to provide good quality as well as reasonable price for our customers. These boilers are designed to match the variegated demands individuals clients. Dependant upon sophisticated technology, these boilers are widely appreciated for high efficiency, superior & cost-effective performance; thus, are widespread in many industrial and commercial applications.
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