1984 The Fall Of Big Brother

1984 The Fall Of Big Brother

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Everyone has a place of escape, or a happy place they go to clear their mind. A beach, mountain top, or even a special room in the house can ease the mind of worry and relax the soul. Sitting on my trampoline can take me to another world, it seems. Clearing the mind, Fun exercise, and a great view of the sky makes this place so special. Most people would have to drive to clear their mind, but i just walk out the back door, climb up, and sir on my trampoline, and im in my own world.

 Yoga, reading a book, or sleeping can help relax someone, or paying for a message. Finding your place where you can feel like you dont have to impress anyone and you can just breathe easy isn't just picking a place and letting go, its the mood of the environment that makes you let go. Crying, laughing and sleeping on that trampoline of mine have been the best of times, just the way i can let go of everything the world has thrown at me and feel better is just indescribable. I am lucky to have place to go at a young age rather than search for a place to feel this way my whole life. Knowing i can go home and lay on that trampoline after the long hard day, puts a smile on my face, i can surely call it home.

relaxing and feeling conformable on my trampoline isnt the only thing its good for. Jumping and flipping on it keeps me fit, helps me practice cheer, and get ride of anger. Whenever school, work, or friends have gotten to me, i can just go outside and jump and scream and let it out without anyone hearing. i let it all out and express how i really feel without anyone around to judge. the rhythm of jumping and going higher, i cant help but feel free and happy. i feel like im above it all and it cant bring me down.
Nights alone are also the best time to sleep on my trampoline and wish on the stars. Its helps me sleep and relax, just the feeling of the night breeze and the enviornment around me takes me to another place where no one is there to bug me. No one can come and...

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