2008 Election

2008 Election

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A new page in America’s history books is about to begin. Come November the

44th president of the United States will be selected from one of the two political parties.

The choice will be between Barack Obama, the front runner for the Democratic Party and

John McCain, the front runner for the Republican Party. Obama is a strong advocate for

eliminating the capitalistic ideals that our country was founded upon and give the

government more control by adding restrictions and eliminating competition through our

health care system and economy. McCain believes that the power should be vested in the

people and not the government. Competition among health insurance agencies and few

restrictions set by the government will get our country where it needs to be in McCain’s


To whom I’m voting for is McCain but because of a variety of reasons. John

McCain started his career in the military and in fact both his grandfather and father were

Admirals in the Navy. McCain attended the Naval Academy and graduated in 1958.

He was a naval aviator during the Vietnam War who’s plane was shot down and he

became a prisoner of war (POW). He was a POW for five and a half years in which he

endured great tortune before he was released in 1973 under the Paris Peace Accords. John

McCain promies to expand and improve the United States’ Armed Forces for better

Military preparedness. He believes that it is our duty as a powerful free nation to

ensure and protect the rights of others around the world using any measure we see fit,

mediation in foreign affairs, or even the use of military power.

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