2013-09-21 Online School Have More Positive Effects on Children's Education

2013-09-21 Online School Have More Positive Effects on Children's Education

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Nowadays, more than 30 percent college students are now having online classes (J. Goldman, 2011). Online schools are now getting more and more popular. In fact, online schools can offer various lessons, flexibility in studying times and lower cost. Online schools can really help students with their development effectively.

First of all, online schools’ biggest advantage is that they can provide a variety of curriculums for students to choose. Even if the type of lessons is not available in their area, they still can study about it through the link of Internet. This benefit solves the problem for learners in rural areas: students there can easily have classes from well-educated teachers about their most interested courses.

For the second reason, time for having classes is also optional for students to decide. Students can have class whenever and wherever they want as long as they have an internet-connected computer. Therefore, learners can choose the schedule freely so that they can have the most effective learning period to study. As a matter of fact, sixty-seven percent of academic leaders rate that people taking part in online schools have better outcomes than those studying in fixed-scheduled schools (J. Goldman, 2011).

The last but not least, the low cost of online schools will also provide more acceptable choice for those low-income families. The average cost of an online high school is actually $400 to $600 per year (Well Trained Mind,2013), while the average of a public high school is nearly $700 per year (High School Cost, 2013). Besides, the online schools do not require students to pay their own text books, the fees they asked including everything learners need for schooling. However, public high schools will ask students to prepare their textbooks and stationeries, which will be another high cost for a low-income family.

In conclusion, online schools will offer students a low-spending, various and flexible studying atmosphere. This can help...

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