2015 North American plastics market situation

2015 North American plastics market situation

2015 North American plastics market situation
North America is a major base for the production of plastic production base in 2015, in a word to summarize the situation in the North American plastic resin manufacturers: Polypropylene companies feel good, but the status of polystyrene, EPS and PVC.

Polypropylene sales increased by 5.3% to 7 million 800 thousand tons, domestic sales increased by 6.3%, but exports fell by 23%. Particularly good performance of the polypropylene market, including injection molding, sheet and film.

PS sales dropped slightly from 1.1% to 2 million tons. Only in the electronics market has been a weak 1.7% growth, but other market stagnation or a sharp recession. Food packaging is still the largest PS market, accounting for 62%.

EPS sales did not grow, exports also have a recession. Total sales of 430 thousand tons.

PVC growth is weak, because the record did not bring the United States to start the construction market is expected to increase the high growth. Construction industry accounted for 62% of sales PVC. PVC pipe sales increased by 1%, extrusion doors and windows grew 1.8%, fences and balcony materials increased by 3.4%, but the external walls of the housing sales fell by 5.6%.

The conference will be held in Austria wood plastic composite materials in Vienna

In 2016 the WPC conference will be held in Austria on March 7-9 held in Vienna. Barton Phil Cincinnati as extrusion equipment experts and WPC extrusion production leader, the same as in previous years, will be invited to visit this year, the participants of the special layout of the technical laboratory visit to their factories.

In recent years, the products of wood plastic composite materials demand. Although some cyclical fluctuations in the industry have been felt, but the market demand is still rising trend. However, the market potential has not been fully excavated, mutual discussion and information sharing is still a great demand.

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