2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment


Mrs. Welch


The second amendment, The right to bears arms is one thing that makes our nation such a great place to live. Today in most countries it's illegal to own a gun because of the government control over the people living there, most of these people don't have their freedom and are told what to do everyday. The right to bear arms gives us the right to protect ourselves and give us the cosher of being safe, especially in todays world with all the wrong going on.
Self defense is a major issue in the right to bear arms because if someone breaks and enters your home they are now trespassing on private property, you now have the right to defend you and your family from any robber trying to steal valuables or harm you or your family members. the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. Those words are forever engraved into the minds of the American people, guns have been a stapled into American culture since the Declaration of Independence.
With the right to bear arms the crime rate is not as high as in other countries simply because almost everyone in this nation has a gun and any robbers around here are scared for the fact because they have a chance to lose their life over doing something stupid but that is the simple fact why our crime rate isn't as high as another country, one could only imagine what it would be like though.
The gun issue has been and may always be an important part of American life. The rise in gun violence over the years has caused many people to rethink what the second amendment says. Some may argue that it is the right of every citizen to own and carry a gun without penalty. Others suggest that strict gun laws should be in place to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. Both sides have a very good argument but the fact is that the second amendment will never change.
The right to bear arms is not absolute, do you have an unconditional moral right to use any weapon you like,...

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