3 Cups of Tea Analysis Chapter 1-7

3 Cups of Tea Analysis Chapter 1-7

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Chapters 1-7

This section shows the authors beginning struggle while climbing a mountain and he gets help from a village when the author regains strength and sees that there are no schools in the village he starts his journey in helping the village.

The mountain

Point of view
3rd person but uses quotes from first person.

Key events
1. When the author found his limit and he begins the struggle until he is helped by the locals “It was his body that had failed, he decided, not his spirit, and every body had its limits. He, for the first time in his life, had found the absolute limit of his.” (pg 16)
2 the author finds out about the lack of schools “Haji Ali, avoiding Mortenson’s eyes, said that the village had no school, and the Pakistani government didn’t provide a teacher.” (pg 31)
3 The authors main journey to build schools begins “’I will build a school,” Mortenson said. “I promise.’” (pg 33)
4 He gets a big grant (“’I feel sure I can complete the school for $12,000.’” (pg 47)
Rhetorical Strategies
Quotes -““I’ve been flying in northern Pakistan for forty years,” he said,” (pg 1)

Lexicon-“His name was Haji Ali and he was the nurmadhar, the chief, of Korphe.” (pg 24)
Interview style in the beginning of the chapters – “
“Tell us, if there were one thing we could do for your village, what would it be?”
“With all respect, Sahib, you have little to teach us in strength and toughness. And we don’t envy you your restless spirits.” (pg 27)

““So. What, exactly, will your school cost?” Hoerni barked. Mortenson fed more quarters into the phone.
“I met with an architect and a contractor in Skardu, and priced out all the materials,” Mortenson said. “I want it to have five rooms, four for classes, and one common room for—”
“A number!” Hoerni snapped.”

Imagery - “Wilder- ness photographer Galen Rowell spent years, before his 2002 death in a plane crash, trying to capture the transcendent beauty of these...

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