3 Parts of the Question Paper

3 Parts of the Question Paper

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The question paper has been divided into three parts, part 1- biography section, part 2- Internet research and part 3 – Industry knowledge.

Part 1 - Writing/Editing (biography section)

Please review the following biography guidelines. After reviewing, you have to create the biography of the mentioned persons based on the information provided. So go through the guidelines very clearly as you have to strictly follow them. For you convenience, an example was provided after the guidelines, on the biography of Mr.Leob. You have to prepare the biography of Richard B.Weed and Remi J.Browne, based on the information provided, as per the below guidelines.

You have 20 Minutes for the Biography Section
Biography Guidelines
Order of Information

Rule no.1. Explain current responsibilities.
E.g., “Jameson is also CIO of Johnson Investment Management.”

Rule no.2. Provide work history and elaborate on former function and responsibilities, if possible. Work history should be written in reverse chronological order.

E.g. Jameson was previously a portfolio manager with Tiger Management, where he worked on the Tiger Technology Fund. Prior to that, he was a semiconductors analyst at Goldman Sachs. Before that, Jameson was a research associate at Stone Street Capital.

Rule no.3. Provide education background.
E.g. He earned a BA in Economics from Harvard University ('88) and an MBA in Finance from the Stern School of Business at New York University (NYU) ('91).

Rule no.4. Mention professional affiliations, (if any).
E.g. Jameson is a member of the Boston Financial Analysts Society.

Rule no.5. List any official certifications the individual may hold or awards the individual has won.
E.g. He passed the Series 7 and 66 exams.

Rule no.6. Mention anecdotal information such as hobbies, interests, etc.
E.g. Jameson likes mountain biking, golf and antique cars.

Additional guidelines/rules:-

• Do NOT use First Names,...

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