3 pass wet back boiler system

3 pass wet back boiler system

3 pass wet back boiler system
3 Pass Wet Back Boiler also be called Three Pass Packaged Wetback Boilers, Solid Waste Fired 3 Pass Wet Back Boiler. It simply different name but same function.

Wet back 3 pass boiler features a large water capacity allowing it to satisfy high demands for steam in a very shorter time. The bigger evaporation of water droplets even during repeated demands for steam as often happens during industrial use. The caliber of the steam produced can be quite high because saturation value is all-around one: the particularly "dry" steam allows remarkable energy savings and reduces the returns in the 3 pass boiler through condensation dis-chargers fitted around the unit.

We, ZG is probably the well known 3 pass wet back boiler suppliers and exporters available in the market. Its design allows optimum heat transfer for steam to fuel ratio consumption without having maintenance making it cost-effective. Ample space in wrapper shell permits quick & easy transfer of flue gas in each pass with uniform temperature on every tube plate that eliminates the worry of premature tube failure and cracks within the tube sheet.

3 pass wet back boilers feature:
1.Straight 3 pass,( no reverse flame)
2.Plane stiffened, furnace-plane & thicker hence safer
3.Compatible with most imported oil/gas/duel fuel fired burners
4.Higher radiation along with convection heat transfer areas
5.Atmospheric/ pressurized water preheating for higher efficiency
6.Easy & quick erection & commissioning

3 pass wet back boilers applications
1.Engineering industry
2.Oil and coal industry
3.Chemical industry
4.Cement industry
5.Food and beverage industry
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