3 Passions

3 Passions

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3 passions

There are many passions in the world, but of all my top three would be friends, music, shopping. These passions, like a blanket of snow, with each step in life you always leave a mark. With each step there is always a new opportunity.

Friendship is a very important aspect in life. We take the good with the bad. The best friendships are the ones that you can endure through most anything. A friend is a treasure chest of shining jewels. They see you through thick and thin. True friends stab you in the front while your enemies stab you in the back. A friend is a heart, you can not survive without it.

Music, it brings dancing and laughter. It is my second choice because music has been around for century’s. It has survived through constant changes. Music brings on many emotions and can influence the way you dress. Punk rock music, black clothes and crazy hair colors and styles. Country, cowboy hats, leather boots and flannels, hip-hop, hats and loose fitting clothing, and It can make you feel happy or sad. Music, is a light in a sea of darkness.

Lastly shopping, it's a fun way to spend your day. It is a great way to see new styles and hang out with friends. Fashion is a way of expressing your personality, there are so many different ways to express yourself. The more comfortable I become in my own, changing skin, the fewer faux pas I make.  I'm fairly certain what I want people to know about me when I walk into a room, based solely on my clothes. She was fairly certain that life was a fashion show.

Friends, music and shopping, it keeps life interesting and is forever changing.

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