Application fee: US$30
Completed application form
Request academic records

International Undergraduate
Application for Admission

Request exam score reports
Copy of passport
Completed financial statement
Bank statement
Submit all required documents to:
Office of Admissions and Records
Montana State University Billings
1500 University Drive
Billings, MT 59101-0245
For assistance or further Information:


• Print clearly or type. Be sure to complete all questions. Failure to answer
questions or provide inaccurate information can lead to a delay in
processing your application or denial of admission.
• A non-refundable application fee of US $30 is required before the
application can be processed. This fee cannot be waived or deferred.
• It is acceptable to return the completed application form, the financial
statement and supporting financial documents via fax (011-1-406-657-2302
or email to internationaladmissions@msubillings.edu). However, academic
documents and exam scores must be official and original, and therefore
must be sent by mail.
• All required educational documents (transcripts, mark sheets, exam results,
certificates diplomas, etc.) must be original or certified true copies. They
must be stamped and signed by a school official and sent to MSUB directly
by the issuing school or sealed closed in a school envelope to be mailed by
the applicant. Photocopies are acceptable for intial admission purposes only.
Originals must be provided at enrollment.
• A literal English translation must be provided for any academic document
that is not written in English.
• Exam scores (such as TOEFL or IELTS) must be sent to MSUB. Student
copies will be accepted for admission, followed by official documents upon
• A bank statement or other form of documentation of financial support must
be provided to assure that funds are...