4D Printing Market 2016-2021-Global Outlook

4D Printing Market 2016-2021-Global Outlook

The 4D printing is one of the emerging technologies which may be defined to an object which changes its shape over time. 4D printing adds time to the length, width and height of the objects. The 4th dimension in 4D printing refers to the ability for material objects to alter their shape or appearance over time.

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North America is the dominant region for 4D printing market with U.S leading the charge, the major funding agencies being US ARO and DOD. However, by the upcoming years i.e. till 2021, Europe and Asia-Pacific are also expected to have a remarkable contribution in the 4D Printing Technology Market due to the presence of countries like Japan, China etc. suggests IndustryARC market research report.

The 4D Printing Technology Market can be segmented into various categories by materials, by applications, by end user industry and by geography as detailed in the IndustryARC market research studies.
• 4D Printing Technology Market by materials: smart metal alloy (Ni-Ti, Ag-Cd, Au-Cd, Cu-Al-Ni, Cu-Al-Zn, Cu-Sn, Cu-Zn, Cu-Zn-Al, In-Ti, Ni-Al, Fe-Pd, Fe-Pt), self-healing polymers (Thermoplastic, thermoset, thermoset composites), dielectric elastomers, programmable materials (Hybrid plastics, Wood Grains, Textiles, Carbon Fibers) and others
• 4D Printing Technology Market by applications: space structures, morphing aircraft, artificial muscles, pipe manufacturing, insulation wall manufacturing, humanoid robot, transformative shoes, adaptive tire compound, nano scale objects, concept modeling, future prototyping and additive manufacturing
• 4D Printing Technology Market by end user industry: aerospace industry (airbus, UAV), military and defense, automotive, biomedical (dental, medical), consumer products, construction, manufacturing and infrastructure and others (entertainment, packaging, clothing and utilities)
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