500 words essay to prevent protect and secure

500 words essay to prevent protect and secure

 Dressing Code

Classroom and Simulation Center:
Standards of cleanliness, personal hygiene and appearance must be maintained.
No offensive body odor.
No odor of smoke or cologne/perfume/powder.
Clothing must be clean, non-revealing, properly fitting, and in good repair (not torn, ripped, or frayed).
Bare midriffs and sheer or revealing garments are not permitted.
Dresses and skirts should be no shorter than mid-thigh.
Clothing or body art must not convey messages or symbols that are: crude, vulgar/profane, violent/death oriented, gang related, sexually suggestive, endorse intolerance, or promote illegal activity.
No hats/caps allowed.
Shoes must be worn at all times.

Required Clinical Grooming
Hair must be worn in a neat controlled style and away from the face.
Hair must be of a color found in natural hair.
Chewing gum is not permitted.
Male facial hair must be neat and well-trimmed.
Nails must be clean, trimmed to a length not beyond the fingertip, and free of polish or with clear polish that is not chipped.
False nails, acrylic overlays or gels are not permitted.
Jewelry is limited to engagement and/or wedding rings, non-ornamental wrist watch (sweeping second hand or digital second hand), and a maximum of one pair of plain, small post earrings (one post per ear in the same place).
No facial jewelry.
Visible tattoos must be covered during clinical.
Makeup must be limited and used with discretion.
No offensive body odor.
No odor of smoke or cologne/perfume/powder.

Clinical Uniform Requirements
The uniform must be clean, pressed, and in good repair.
Clean solid closed-toe, closed-heel shoes with non-skid soles are required.
Socks/hosiery are to be worn with the pants.
The uniform is to be worn only in the clinical area or while traveling to and from the clinical site.

Requirements for Any School Activity or School Event
Slacks or dresses/skirts no shorter than 3 inches above the knees for female students.

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