56 Questions on Medea

56 Questions on Medea

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1.Who relates the background of the play to the audience, and what important information is provided?

The Chorus is undertaking the role of relating the play to the audience. Usually, it is clarifying the situation by summing up the previous events. It can also announce some characters'arrivals on stage.

2.What has Creon, king of Corinth, done that causes Medea much anguish?

Creon is willing to banish Medea and her two sons from Corinth. It is important to mention that the heroine has no shelter, because she left her father's kingdom.

3.How does the nurse feel about what has happened?

The nurse attributes the guilt to Jason. She is desperate and sympathetic about Medea's grief. Thus she wants to keep her children away from their mother, for she knows how aggressive her mistress is when she is hapless.

4.Toward the end of the first speech, what does the nurse tell us that she fears? Why does she have this fear?

She tells the audience that she fears Medea's revenge for Jason's and Creon's cruelty

5.In what sense can the Nurse's comment be a foreshadowing of trouble?

We can interpret this comment as if Euripides intended to inform the audience that Medea would avenge on Jason, Glauce and Creon. The reader can almost be sure about this statement since Medea killed her own brother previously, and quit her father's kingdom. Therefore we can be aware of her immorality.

6.What message does the tutor bring to the nurse?

The tutor informs the nurse that Creon is willing to expel Medea and her two sons from Corinth.

7.When the nurse asks if Jason will allow this to happen, what is his response?

At that point, the tutor replies:

"Old love is ousted by new love. Jason's no friend
To this house"

The audience can understand this response by thinking that Medea and his sons are of a lesser importance for Jason. The latter seems more interested by his new bride, and has to stand up for a course in his ultimatum. Then,...

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