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The organisation has 90 contracts nationwide, employing around 600 people and has expanded from a small sized business to medium. The business goals are, to sustain excellent service levels, deliver innovation and creativity and generate an atmosphere of fun and achievement throughout the business.

Organisational Structure & functions

The organisational structure within WV is hierarchical, “with rigid levels of authority and only those higher in the hierarchy are able to give instructions to those lower down”. (homelearningcollege.com, 2015) There are numerous levels within this structure but ultimately any significant business decisions made will always be deliberated at a monthly board meeting between the managing directors and operation directors of the company. Once determined they then are filtered down to the finance, HR, marketing and operation departments to deliver the responsibilities and functions. These responsibilities are distributed to managers and onto the lower levels of the catering teams.

The management functions are operations which comprise of area managers, chef managers and catering teams which are all based nationwide. The support function consists of Finance, HR and Training, Purchasing, Marketing and Sales, these all based at Head office in Ashby de la Zouch. Each person in each function reports to their line manager which is overseen by the directors to confirm the organisation is on the correct path to meet business objectives. Communication is clear when delivered from the directors (stakeholders) to senior managers in each function however it has a noticeably diluted impact when reaching to the operations lower levels: catering assistants for example. The management function is comparable to “Fayol's six primary functions of management, which go hand in hand with the Principles, are as follows:

Controlling.” (Mindtools.com,...

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