CIPD Assessment Activity Assignment 1
Title of unit/s

Developing Professional Practice
Unit No/s

5DPP Assn 1
Assignment Submisson Date: 16.10.12

Credit value

Assessment method

Written answers to questions

Learning outcomes:

1. Understand what is required to be an effective and efficient HR professional.
4. Be able to apply CPD techniques to construct, implement and review a personal development plan.

Assessment brief/activity

You have responded to an advertisement in People Management for an HR Advisor role in an organisation which is already well on the way to acquiring status as an employer brand and as a High Performance Working (HPW) business. Its profitability is well above the average for its sector; its growth rate has not been adversely affected by recent and current economic uncertainties. It is one of the few companies that continues to recruit and it attracts large numbers of applicants, around 2000 unsolicited CV’s are received each day and it has also received more than 800 ‘declarations of interest’ in the role you have applied for. Therefore it can afford to operate some highly sophisticated selection processes designed to weed out those who perhaps are not sufficiently motivated or enthusiastic. This is a firm that only the most persistent can enter but once inside the atmosphere is energising, empowered, engaging: it manages to bring to life all those adjectives which you regularly come across in the HR literature.
The HR function is not called ‘HR’ – it’s the ‘People/Performance Partnership’ (PPP). It’s physically located in the centre of the company’s HQ and most of its staff have moved into HR from other business functions; its director is a key ‘mover and shaker’ for the company and combines her HR responsibilities with other accountabilities in new business development.
There are two parts to the operation of the PPP: the ‘People Unit’ which is chiefly concerned with compliance –...

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