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5ELW Employment Law

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Employment Law
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Learning outcomes:
3. Know how to manage change and reorganisation lawfully
4. Know how to manage issues relating to pay and working time lawfully
6. Know how to manage performance and disciplinary matters lawfully

All activities should be completed
1. Last month Paul was sacked from his job as a sales assistant in a large
department store located in central London. He had worked in the store on a full-
time basis for four years. He blames himself for the dismissal and thinks that he
probably deserved to be sacked given his conduct. He had reported for duty one
afternoon having drunk four pints of strong ale in a pub at lunch time. He had then
apparently sworn loudly at a colleague in front of several customers. When
reprimanded about this incident by the floor manager Paul had sworn at him and
was seen punching him on the left jaw. He had been summarily dismissed there
and then without notice.

To his surprise Paul has found out from a friend that his dismissal might in fact be
classed in law as being unfair. He thus completes the relevant documentation and
sends an unfair dismissal claim to his local Employment Tribunal Office.

Assume that you are the HR Manager in the store at which Paul was employed.
When Paul's unfair dismissal claim is received the General Manager asks your

Explain what course of action the organisation should have taken to comply
with UK law....

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