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Meeting Organisational Development Needs

1. Introduction
2. Concerns
3. Learning Needs Analysis
4. Learning Interventions
5. Conclusion

1. Introduction
As the UK’s leading platform for retirement wealth planning, JHP offers a large number of services and financial products that can be tailored to each individual members needs. Over the years our focus has shifted from targeting individuals with their individual planning needs to large houses of Independent Financial Advisors (IFA’s) who will each have a large book of custom.

Our innovative platform easily allows for the IFA to be able manage their clients portfolio of assets. JHP prides itself on Customer Service and internally promotes ‘Professionalism, Expertise and Pride’ to all our employees regardless of role, this is to ensure that we remain the UK’s leading provider. Having a professional team with the knowledge and expertise is key to our ongoing success. Our fees are typically in the middle to high bracket, so our customers expect to receive the service promoted.

It is during our employee induction that we start explain our business as ‘The John Lewis’ of the wealth platforms, it may cost more but the overall customer experience must be excellent. Therefore the business has focussed it’s core objectives towards:

• Professional and expert service
• Digital by default

2. Concerns
A - Due to recent acquisitions from companies such as Capita and growth, senior management have been raised concerns over the viability of the company as we may not be able to continue providing the level of service that our customers have become to expect. We have recently seen backlogs of work increase and a higher rate of complaints being raised with our Customer Relations Department. There has recently been a number of transactions made that are outside of the HMRC Pension rules, these errors whilst the same in nature were made by different employees in different Customer Services Teams....

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