9/11 Informative

9/11 Informative


General Purpose: To Inform

Specific Purpose: To inform my listeners about the fliers that were made after 9/11 and the Missing Persons Exhibition that came about after 9/11.

Central Idea: The missing person exhibition consists of the fliers that were passed around NYC after 9/11.

I. Attention Material
A. Pictures of 9/11 attacks and after it happened.
B. Missing: Last Seen at the World Trade Center, nothing brings the tragedy home like the missing fliers.
II. Orientation Material
A. The creation of the Missing Persons fliers.
B. The preservation of the Missing Persons fliers.
C. The purpose of the Missing Persons exhibit

(Transition: First I’d like to tell you about why the Missing Persons fliers were created.)

I. The Fliers were created as a response to two rumors:
A. Thousands of victims lay unconscious and unidentified in hospital beds
1. Friends and family members crowded emergency rooms in hopes that their loved ones were inside.
a. Unfortunately, for most this was not the case; very few were pulled out alive.
2. The second thought was that hundreds of people were walking the streets dazed or suffering temporary amnesia.
a. These rumors were also unfounded.
B. The fliers were posted outside so they would be exposed to as many people as possible.

(Transition: Soon these Missing Persons fliers became weathered and it was thought to preserve them.)

II. Preservation of the Fliers
A. Louis Nevair
1. Was an economist and author
a. He did not want these expressions of love to deteriorate. b. With help from the National Guardsmen at the Armory, where the Family Assistance Center was housed, the fliers were rescued for an exhibit.
c. More than 5,200 unique fliers have been preserved.
d. The...

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