9.3 - Final Exam

9.3 - Final Exam

9.3 - Final Exam

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Due Mar 13 at 8:59pm Points 100 Questions 25 Available after Mar 8 at 9pm Time Limit 90 Minutes


This exam contains 25 questions. Questions on this exam will be presented one at a time.

Time limit: There is a 90 minute limit and at the end of the 90 minutes, the exam will close and be automatically submitted for grading. You will get a notification pop-up approximately 10 seconds before time expires. If you leave the exam for any reason, the timer will continue and the exam will automatically submit when time is up. If you lose your internet connection, you may reconnect and return to the exam where you left off as long as time has not expired. If you encounter technical difficulties, please contact your instructor.

Grading: Some types of exam questions (short answer, essay) are not automatically graded and will not be reflected immediately in your Grades area. You will see scores for multiple choice questions right away but check back after your instructor has had a chance to grade the rest of the questions to see your final score. Please contact your instructor if you have any questions.

Attempt History

Attempt Time Score
LATEST Attempt 1 41 minutes 88 out of 100 *
* Some questions not yet graded

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Submitted Mar 9 at 7:39pm
This attempt took 41 minutes.

Question 1 4 / 4 pts

A seller must use words such as "warrant" to make an xpress warranty.

True resource

False CourseHero

Question 2 study 4 / 4 pts


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