Marketing Issue Analysis and Strategy Development ASSIGNMENT BRIEF
Due: Week 9, Monday 2nd May at 4pm

You have a choice of the following marketing scenarios:
1. A struggling brand in Polaroid facing product irrelevance
2. An increasingly crowded market space imposing on Qantas
3. Brand Australia: Selling Australia as a premium tourist destination
4. Apple’s future after the iWatch: what’s next?
5. The fast-fashion effect: Keeping Myer or David Jones alive in Melbourne

You are required to perform a short overview of the marketing issue at hand, as well as
conduct a situation analysis and develop a strategic alternative to address marketing
problems for one of the issues above. Specifically, you are expected to evaluate the
brand’s/company’s business proposition, remote (PEST) and near environments (industry,
competitors, consumers) and internal strengths and weaknesses.
You are not expected to approach the organisation in your research for this assessment. You
will be able to complete this assessment drawing purely on publicly available information,
and links that I will make available to you, including your own independent research.
Your strategy should be prepared as a structured-response, detailed below. The plan must
be a practical document that you anticipate an organisation would adopt and put into
effect. Apply as much relevant content from this subject as possible. All lectures we have
had so far contain information that is helpful to you to help explain and justify your strategy.

**Word counts are approximate and a guide only
Issue Overview and Situation Analysis (1000 words)

Business scope
Background about your company/product/brand
 Remote environment
This includes the analysis of the relevant PEST factors. What is the main marketing issue on
hand here?

 Near environment
This section includes industry analysis, competitors, and consumers.
 Internal analysis
Here internal strengths and...

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