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Human Resource Management (Revision)
Chapter 4 : Job Analysis
1. Talent Management

Is the goal oriented and integrated process of planning, recruiting, developing, managing and compensating employees

2. The Basics of Job Analysis (Draft Job description & Job specification)

Job Analysis - is the procedure for determining the duties and skill requirement of a job and the kind of person who should be hired for it.
(Example : Identify skills, knowledge and experience necessary to perform a job)

Job description - List of what the job requires (Duties & Responsibilities)

Job specification – What kind of people to hire for the job (Education, Skills, Personality)

3. Types of information that can be collect by using job analysis (Supervisor or HRM Specialist) Type of information in the job analysis

Work activities – Such as cleaning, selling, teaching
(May include how, why and when the worker perform each activities)

Human behaviors – Behavior that the job requires such as sensing and communication

Machines, tools, equipment and work aids – Tool used, material processes, knowledge

Performance standard – In terms of quantity or quality of each duties

Job context – Physical working conditions, work schedule, and the number of people with whom the employees would normally interact

Human requirement – Knowledge and skills (education, working experience)
– Required personal attributes (personality, interest)

4. Uses of job analysis information

Recruitment or selection – Information about what the job involves and human characteristic suitable for the job hiring decision

Performance appraisal – Compare each employee’s actual performance with his or her duties and performance standard. (Form job analysis learn the duties and standard)

Compensation (salary, bonus) – usually depend on the required skill and education level, safety hazards, degree of...