Aarkstore - India Router Market, Annual Tracker

Aarkstore - India Router Market, Annual Tracker

Aarkstore - India Router Market, Annual Tracker


Growing subscriber’s base in the Indian Telecom industry has created new opportunities for the OEM manufacturers. The increasing demand for Cloud Computing, High-Speed Internet and WLAN has created an indispensable need for commercial and enterprise routers in the Indian Market. To manage this demand efficiently more reliable routers are needed across the networks. According to 6Wresearch, “India Router Market Annual” Shipments reached 3.47 million units. D-LINK sustains its market leadership followed by TP-LINK. The total unit shipments for H2 has registered a decline of around 40% over H1 2014.

Key features of the report:

1. Total Router shipment in India
2. Market by Router Type
2.1 Wired
2.2 Wireless
3. Market share by various players in various segments and specifications
4. Shipments by market players
5. Model wise shipments by each company
6. Price of each model
7. Specifications covering
7.1 WLAN Availability
7.2 Wireless Frequency
7.3 Wireless Speed
7.5 Antenna Availability
7.6 Antenna Type
7.7 Number of Antenna
7.8 LAN Availability
7.9 Number of LAN Ports
7.10 WAN Availability
7.11 Number of WAN Ports

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Table of Contents:

1. India Router Market
2. Router by Price
3. Market by Router Type
3.1 Wired
3.2 Wireless
4. Router Market By Specifications
4.1 WLAN Availability
4.2 Wireless Frequency
4.3 Wireless Speed
4.5 Antenna Availability
4.6 Antenna Type
4.7 Number of Antenna
4.8 LAN Availability
4.9 Number of LAN Ports
4.10 WAN Availability
4.11 Number of WAN Ports
5. Market Share Of the Companies:
5.1 Overall Market Share
5.2 Market share By Specifications...

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