Aarkstore - Insight Report: Nascent Insurance Markets and Opportunities for Foreign Insurers

Aarkstore - Insight Report: Nascent Insurance Markets and Opportunities for Foreign Insurers

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Aarkstore Enterprise
3rd December 2014

Insight Report: Nascent Insurance Markets
and Opportunities for Foreign Insurers
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Published: Jun 2014 | No. Of Pages: 52 Pages
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The report covers nascent insurance markets and provides:
Insights into the Cambodian, Cuban and Myanmar insurance industries.
Detailed analysis of various factors driving growth in the insurance industries in Cambodia, Cuba and Myanmar,
and different challenges posed by these economies.
Comprehensive analysis of the demographic and economic structures of these countries.
Insights of existing regulatory standards in these economies for foreign participation, non-admitted insurance,
compulsory insurance and prudential standards.
Analysis of various opportunities and challenges for foreign insurers in Cambodia, Cuba and Myanmar.

Insurance markets in developed countries are mature, with limited scope for growth. Insurers operating in these
markets are therefore looking to new regions to expand and diversify. A nascent insurance market is one that is
small and newly developing, and those that have been opened for foreign investment offer significant
opportunities to foreign insurers.

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Aarkstore Enterprise
Myanmar Asias final frontier economy
Myanmar, described as the last frontier economy of Asia, began the conversion to a free market economy when its
first elected democratic government came to power in March 2011. The new government ended decades of
military junta rule and isolation from the rest of the world. As a part of economic liberalization and economic
reforms, the new government opened its insurance industry to private insurers in 2012 and is expected to open
the market to foreign insurers in 2015....

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