Aarkstore - The World Distribution Market for Connectors

Aarkstore - The World Distribution Market for Connectors

Aarkstore - The World Distribution Market for Connectors


The 2014 edition of The World Distribution Market for Connectors is a comprehensive nine-chapter, 297-page report providing an in-depth analysis of the distribution market for connectors through the POP and POS channels. POP and POS sales are provide for the years 2008 through 2013 with a forecast for the year 2018.

World Interconnect Distribution Channel

Worldwide sales of electronic interconnect products to distributors (POP) totaled $XX.X billion in 2013, an increase of +Y.Y% over 2012. During this same period, overall interconnect sales grew +2.7% to $48.9 billion. Worldwide, POP represented YY.Y% of all connector sales. POP share of the market grew to an all–time high of YY.Y% in 2012, but as indicated, fell back slightly in 2013. POP’s share of the total market has remained in a narrow range between 21.8% and 23.6Y% over the past five years.

POS connector sales were $XX.X billion in 2013, down -Y.Y% from 2012. This performance compares unfavorably with the overall connector market, which was up +2.7%. As a result, POS comparative share of end-customer consumption dropped from YY.Y% to YY.Y%.

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Overview of the World Connector Market through the Distribution Channel
World Electronics Distribution Channel
Distributor Industry Sales 2006 - 2013
Merger and Acquisition Activity
Ten Largest Worldwide Distributors of Electronic Components in 2013
World Interconnect Distribution Channel
Connector Supplier Programs
20 Largest Connector Suppliers Based on POP Sales Volume
Authorized Distributor Networks
Authorized Distributor Networks in North America for the Top Ten Connector Suppliers...

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