Just an Update :)

9/30/2016 0 Comments

3rd semester starts tomorrow! 3 classes on the schedule... for now:
Ethical Leadership - C206
Financial Management - C214
Data-Driven Decision Making - C207
Pretty excited to get them over with. I may try to accelerate and add the last two classes into the semester; Operations Management - C215, and the MBA Capstone - C216. We will see how it goes. My original goal was to get done in 18 months. Wish me luck and stay tuned for my progress on Ethical Leadership!

C213 PASSED!!!

9/19/2016 2 Comments

Well, it took a lot longer than I expected, but it is over with. I have been playing all summer, so my focus wasn't on school. I studied hardcore for two weeks though, went through all of the videos in the course, and passed the assessment with a 78%. I will take it :) The class was extremely informative and I learned a lot... a little too much. The term is over in 12 days, so I will get a little brain break. Onto Ethical Leadership – C206! I haven't done one of the hybrid Performance and Objective Assessment classes yet, so this will be a new experience. I hope to have this one completed in the first two weeks of October based on the cohort I signed up for. I will keep everyone posted.

Accounting for Decision Makers - C213

7/30/2016 0 Comments

Hey, Everyone! I am really sorry.. I have been slacking for the last two months. It's summer... I enjoy drinking, BBQ's, and fun, but I am getting back to business. I started back into C213 a month after I said I would. As I mentioned before, I got a 45% on the pre-assessment without studying. I am now back into the course materials and going through the modules. They are extremely well laid out. I love that I can listen to the text as I read along, and that their are supplemental videos along the way to watch to make the reading not as boring. The end of module quizzes are extremely helpful as well. I have my...