Abc Inc

Abc Inc

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Running head: Point of Sale System for ABC Inc.

Creation of a New Point of Sale System for ABC Inc.
Harry Beesley
Byron K
Elisha Myles
Jhemsky Ulysse
CMGT 410
11 October 2010
Patricia Anderson

ABC Inc.
With the way things are going with our current economy, it is a reassuring thing to see a company not only surviving, but growing. ABC is one of these companies that even in these tough times still is able to prosper, so much so that it is not able to keep up with the customers with the current system that it uses. If a company is not able to keep up with growing demand, then customers will start to search for a place that is able to provide them with the service that they require. We as Team A have been contracted out to provide ABC with the new system that they so desperately need. It is with great honor that we accept this task and contract to provide ABC with a new system that will allow it to not only keep up with costumer demand, but also allow ABC to grow more into the future.
ABC Inc. is a million dollar Retail Company that holds over hundreds of retail stores and warehouses all over the U.S. The company was founded by Abner B. Caldwell in 1996. The company headquarter is located in Los Angeles, California where the first retail store was founded. Since its foundation, the company has outgrown its resources and is currently looking for different approach on the use of its technology.
One of the biggest problems that this company is facing is poor data organization. The company has a bad reputation for having long lines, which causes frequent customer complaints, and old cash registers that never seems to function correctly. ABC Company is blinded by the cause of these issues and decided to hire outside source to identify what may be the cause of their problem. ABC Company decided to call on Team A to put to analyze their situation to put together a solution and possibly a new system.
After Team A review the problem and analyze their...

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