Abc Television Research Paper

Abc Television Research Paper

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The ABC television network of Australia is a free to air, advertisement free television station. This research paper questions the thoughts of the Australian community on their views towards the ABC television network to find out whether it is considered a valuable ingredient in the Australian media circle.

The ABC was first founded in 1932, and currently consists of radio, television, news and retail. In the time since its inception, ‘the ABC has grown remarkably’ (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2008). This research paper will identify the community’s view of the ABC television network. The first area looked into will be a survey conducted on a small portion of the population and their answers to some basic background question. Following on from there, the viewer rating for ABC compared to other television stations will be analysed. The outcome of these two research items will give an indication as to whether or not citizens of Australia believe that the ABC television network is a valuable and advantageous television station.

‘ABC TV is Australia’s only national, commercial-free public television broadcaster. Under its charter, the broadcaster caters for the diverse interests and tastes of all Australians’ (ABC Documents, 2003). The ABC network first started on 1st July 1932 with a radio broadcast. From there, ABC television was not introduced until 1956 with the first television broadcast inaugurated by Prime Minister Robert Menzies on November 5th in Sydney. The first show had many mishaps including the machine breaking down, the sound cutting out, the host caught having a cigarette in the background and lamps and flats being kicked over (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2008). From its early start, ABC television went on to grow and expand over the years, and in 1965 the...

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