Abnormal Behavior

Abnormal Behavior

I guess I would have to start by asking the question what is normal? Normal simply means average. People who behave normally are those who act and behave in an average, typical way.

Unusual but not necessarily bizarre like deviant behavior, this is often governed by the culture. But, now we also include personal history, experiences, race, religion, etc. D. Behavior on a Continuum Many textbooks do good jobs of explaining how behavior can be viewed on a continuum from normal to abnormal as opposed to ONLY normal or abnormal. WHY this is important:
1. It is difficult to accurately distinguish normal from abnormal
On occasion don't we all have some personal distress?
2. We have ALL displayed some abnormal behavior at some point in our lives
**the key is how much of each and how often do they occur.

Abnormal human behavior can mean different things to different people. Here I wish to use the term to mean behavior that is not acceptable, in the sense of taking advantage of, or trying to take advantage of, other people. (Here I will NOT be discussing any of the following: the cruel or the criminal, the unlawful or the sadistic - all of which are unacceptable in their own different ways.)

The unacceptable side of abnormal human behavior is not something we support nor take part in is it? Having said that no one is perfect, so at times we could be tempted to use this side of our
So what do I mean by abnormal human behavior?
So what can we say is abnormal or unacceptable behavior? If you behave abnormally then this could be anything that is or could be viewed as being
▪ irregular
▪ non-standard
▪ uncharacteristic
▪ unusual
▪ strange
▪ anomalous
▪ odd or peculiar
▪ intolerable
▪ unsuitable
▪ unwelcome
▪ unwarranted
▪ unprovoked
▪ unjustified
▪ unreasonable
▪ uncalled-for
▪ unfair
▪ unworthy
We should be careful about performing, or thinking about doing so, any...

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