Abnormal Human Behaviors

Abnormal Human Behaviors

The Perilous Journey Up North
By: Christy Ann Wilkinson

Ring, Ring, Ring - “Hello,” I answered. “Hey Christy!” a high-pitched voice answered back. “Hey Tom, what’s up?” I asked. “Not much. Hey, do you want to come up north with us this weekend?” His voice still filled with joy. “Yeah, hold on I’ll go ask my Dad!” I cheerfully said. I leaped out of my seat to go search for my Dad. I jetted back to the phone. “He said YES!” I exclaimed. “Alright, I can’t wait; I’ll go tell my parents.” Tom replied. I jumped onto my bed, with a glamorous look in my eyes. “This is going to be so much fun, the fireworks, campfires, and boat rides,” I declared. My mind filled with glorious ideas of what this weekend might be like.

The next day I went over to Tom’s to get more information about the weekend. We were planning on leaving the first of July, on a Saturday. The Fourth wasn’t until Tuesday of that next week. We would be there for six wondrous days, filled with laughter, excitement, and thousands of memories that would last forever. It was Wednesday, but the rest of the week would go by as slow as it possibly could. Friday finally has came. As I packed my clothes, I waited for what was in store for me. That night we left; and you could hear the loud roar of the Excursion, like a lion at the Circus.

After the four-hour drive, and excruciating discomfort, we finally arrived at the cabin. This had been the first time I had been there, so it was especially exciting for me. “Come on Let’s unload, so we can get to bed,” Nancy told us. We didn’t leave until around ten, plus we had a few stops on the way. We all unloaded the things out of the enormous truck. By 3:00 A.M., everyone was asleep, not a sound was made until morning. That morning we set everything up, tents, volleyball, basketball, and this weird new game called ladder golf, where you have to get two golf balls connected by a string hooked around tree poles....

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