Abortion in Michigan

Abortion in Michigan

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In 1996 Michigan banned all partial-birth abortions, except for if the mother’s life is in danger. During this kind of procedure the fetus is partially delivered before the abortion is performed. In Michigan an abortion can be done legally up to 24 weeks into pregnancy.

Since then Michigan has enacted three major laws pertaining to abortion. The first one involves parental consent. A minor, (17and under) must have parental consent to have an abortion, unless ruled otherwise by a judge. This law passed in 1993.

The second two laws involve informed consent. Any woman wanting an abortion must be given information about the procedure. This must include a written summary of the procedure, photographs and illustrations of the fetus, and prenatal and parenting information. A woman must obtain this information 24 hours before the procedure, and sign a state informed- consent form immediately prior to the abortion. These laws took effect in 1999.

The last law amended the first informed consent law and limits how a woman can obtain the information. It states she can receive it in person, by registered mail, by fax, or from a state approved web site. This law took effect in 2002.

The penalty for an unlawful abortion is a felony, and fines up to $2000 and /or up to four years in prison. If the mother dies it is manslaughter with up to $7,500 in fines and/or up to 15 years in prison. Violating the parental consent law is a misdemeanor.




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