Abortion, Pro Choice- Pro-Life?

Abortion, Pro Choice- Pro-Life?


Abortion, Pro Choice- Pro-Life?

Vanity Fair

Gage Taylor

12-13-11 3rd six weeks

Coach Sierra 6th

It is really ok to force a teen mother into raising a child, and risking chances for the baby to grow up in a home where it may not be able to receive the love, nurturing, and necessities that every child needs? Abortion is not an alias for the word murder, Abortion is a choice. It’s a choice not to kill something that has already been said and done, but to prevent something from happening. A choice that does not kill babies, but protects them from the dangers they may have been faced up against if they were born into the cruel world.

Abortion is a good thing that not only helps to improve the quality of young teens lives that made the mistake of having unprotected sex, but also helps the fight against childhood poverty, neglect, and abuse. If a teenage girl makes the mistake, and takes the risk of having unprotected sex and gets pregnant does she deserve to take away from many aspects of her life including friendships, self-education, and even missing out on important experiences in an individual’s young adult lifetime, It is not fair to the parents, or the baby for a unwanted child to be forced into existence. There are just issues upon issues that can be avoided simply by stopping the entire process before it begins.

It is nearly impossible for a teenage mom to both financially support her baby, work her way through college, and provide an environment acceptable for an infant. Upon pregnancy approximately 31% of the time a teen mom will discontinue her schooling to care for her baby. This has a long term lasting effect on both the lives of the girl and the child. Poverty is also much more statistically likely...

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