Abortion Views

Abortion Views

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This is a very touchy subject and I would like to call myself Pro-life, however I do think that there are exceptions under extreme and undesirable circumstances. I agree with many in that if someone is raped or the Mother’s health is at risk then it should be an available option. I also agree that it would be more acceptable if there were severe abnormalities that were detected early on in the pregnancy. I would think that it would be very sad to have a baby that would have no quality of life and that was destined to suffer and die at an early age. (I am not talking about mental retardation or Down’s Syndrome… these children can experience pleasure and often have good lives considering their disabilities) I am talking about babies that would have extreme handicaps with multiple factors such as permanent feeding tubes, chronic pain, unable to ever walk, blindness, deafness, being permanently on ventilators etc…I feel that these were the types of circumstances that led to abortion becoming legal and that society has totally abused this so call “right”. It has gotten totally out of hand and I feel that something must be done in order to reverse the casual attitude that so many people have about this ongoing issue.

Now I do have a problem with the rest of the people that are having abortions for the wrong reasons. Abortion is not a birth control option. It really annoys the heck out of me that so many people do not respect life and are so irresponsible. There are so many options out there for birth control and so many couples who would love to adopt. I totally respect those who have carried out their pregnancies and opted to give their baby a better life with someone else. It is an act of love and a courageous thing to do. As far as birth control goes, there are more options out there than ever before. There is no excuse as these are available in schools and clinics free of charge. There will always be unplanned pregnancies or “surprises” but you need...

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