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Following this template will help you turn in what I expect to see in a report, essay, or written response. If you choose to ignore this template you will lose points. Notice that all text is Times New Roman font and its size is 12 point. The margins are one inch all the way around. The header is ½ inch from the top of the page and one inch from the right border of the paper. The page number is found in the heading. Your name, instructor’s name, class, and due date are found as a heading only on the first page. The title is only in 12 point font as well. You may also assign a subtitle. If you don’t want a subtitle, remove the line. Each paragraph starts with an indentation created by using the Tab button or hitting the space bar five times. After each period there are two spaces. All lines are double spaced.

Section Subheadings
Section subheading may be used if you want to separate your paper into separate components. If you use them they must look like this one given. It is indented and underlined. Using section subheadings does not mean you don’t have to follow correct writing principles. Ensure your first paragraph introduces your topic as well as the sub points following paragraphs will discuss. Each subsequent paragraph should then elaborate on the sub points outlined in the introduction. The last paragraph of you paper should summarize your paper. Each paragraph should contain a topic sentence and give a complete idea.
When you finish writing you paper, ensure you quote sources or references correctly using MLA format. Your reference page should look like the following. Ensure each source is cited correctly based on whether it is from a book, a web site, a periodical, video, or newspaper.
If you are unsure of the correct format, review the grammar section of you English Grammar text book. Each...

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