Abotion for

Abotion for

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The law for abortion is an out rage it should be re-written to be legalised for all women and couples to be able to have the right to have an abortion and also it should have no place in the crimes act. The Law should be open to women who have certain circumstances such as rape, mental health and also the well being of the mother and child.

Circumstance where the abortion law should be able to be used in practise the law of abortion should be able to be used by a women of all ranges, such as pregnancies either raped, baby has malfunctioning troubles, brain dead, putting baby’s life at risk, putting mothers life at risk and also weather or not the parents or parent is able to care and look after the baby, if the law was to be passed The women would have the best possible care if this law was to be passed.

Introducing this law will give women the right to make decisions about their pregnancies, their own body and also inevitably to do with their life. No one should be able to tell women what to do with their own body, if women want an abortion they should be able to make the decision on either having and abortion or not and if so that it is wanted it should be followed through. Introducing this law provides a system where the women of Australia can not only gain support but also make decisions on their own.

Women have expressed a strong and continuing desire for the right to choose if they want an abortion. Most women feel the need that they should have the right to make big decisions about there body own there own, Women should have the right to make their own decisions. The main argument that women have towards this law is that it is unfair to not have the right to an abortion, Women’s RIGHTS. Over the years there have been a number of reasons why people have abortions. 25.5% Want to postpone childbearing21.3% Cannot afford a baby, a less but understandable 14.1% have relationship problem or partner does not want pregnancy, 12.2%...