About Me - Joel Alexander Paut

About Me - Joel Alexander Paut

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My name is Joel Alexander Paut. Just turned 18 in January. I’m a mix of Kadazan, Australian, Chinese, and Nyonya. I am very fluent in English because English is my mother tongue. Unfortunately I do not know how to converse in Chinese although my dad knows Cantonese, Mandarin , Hokkien and Hakka. I’m a musician as well as a vocalist. I’m in a rock band called Everway , made up of 4 of us ; 3 of them my good friends.I’m a very active person and I love to enjoy life and have fun . I really love my music and friends for that matter because the relationships we have in our lives will ultimately affect the person we will become.

I decided to take up Mass Communications as a major in college since I was attracted to the field through career talks and some education fair’s along the way , but ultimately it was my decision to take up the course because I am a people person. I am currently enrolled in IACT College’s Diploma in Mass Communications course for 2 and a half years. As a matter of fact, I wanted to take up Mass Comm or either Broadcasting in Lim Kok Wing University but along the way I changed my mind because of the course fee’s there and also because of some research I made where the students there are very snobbish and superficial. Through some friends and some research I made I came across IACT college as a prospect college to go to because IACT was a college that was well connected to advertising firms and other sorts of connections that would allow me to bloom and further develop myself in the communications field.

My goal for the future is to establish myself as a one of the top people in the field of advertising, public relations and communications. I am confident with my ability to progress and excel in the communications field in future, which is why I do not doubt that I have chosen the right course. Though this course will be draining, I know that if I set my mind to it I will achieve what everyone else strives to achieve; excellence....

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