About some of the hydraulic oil press "hidden rules"

About some of the hydraulic oil press "hidden rules"

Hydraulic oil press belongs to the refined oil equipment, a classification of refined oil and food machinery equipment, to buy such equipment, of course is going to go to the big agriculture province, zhengzhou is a big agricultural province.So the production of rapeseed was refined oil

palm oil plant
For more, technology is more mature.

In oil industry there is an old saying "three squeezed, 7 points to fry" two high or low yield efficiency and oil content of the raw material itself has a relationship with you, another matter is the raw material of steaming and frying, steaming and frying

Is to control the moisture and temperature of raw material, different raw material of steaming and frying time, need to question, to control the water is not the same.

Many people who feel just contact with the oil industry as long as buy a machine can make money, if you don't make money but also for oil factory machine has a problem, the attitude is not correct.Oil a year later

The secret can be a good grasp of the oil.
air product

The principle of the hydraulic oil press equipment are the same, nothing more than spiral and hydraulic principle, the production of hydraulic oil press manufacturing technology in China is already very mature, as long as to buy liquid normal manufacturer

Oil press machine, there will be no any quality problem.For normal manufacturer have after-sales and technical is very easy thing.But just because the technology is mature, so come out many coolie

Factory, one or two people, two or three people partnership formed a small hydraulic oil factory.Hang a brand can production and sales, for the factory, I advise you not to choose easily, not only in quality

Ensure after-sale is a big problem.Oil equipment out of the problem doesn't even have a maintenance personnel.Buy the hydraulic oil press to zhengzhou oil vendors would forrest.

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