About Suicide Diets

About Suicide Diets

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What if you were told that you could lose 14 pounds in 7 days, by not exercising or starving, but by actually eating more? Well you would probably say that's (fill in the blank) but that's exactly what the Negative Calorie diet promises.
The key to this diet is the foods you eat that trigger that reaction. There is no such thing as a Negative Calorie food. Most foods we eat are broken down and used to store fat and maintain energy. Unfortunately in today's world, most of what we eat causes fat to gain and the body to store it.
However with this diet, you eat foods that cause the opposite reaction and make the body use the calories from the Negative Calorie food to burn fat and increase metabolism. These foods include mostly fruits and vegetables which when used correctly can help you lose a lot of weight very quickly.
The more Negative Calorie foods you eat, the greater the effect of this diet. Now to most people trying to lose weight fast, this sounds like a miracle, but it's not very healthy to do this. Most people who try this diet complain about fatigue and that it's too difficult to do the diet for even a week.
But if you're still serious about trying the Negative Calorie diet, check this out This page reveals many things about the Negative Calorie diet including the pros and cons of it, what people who have tried it are saying, and even a better alternative to this diet.

The Beverly Hills Diet is a combination diet that relies on specific chemical reactions within the body. Nuts and fruits are the main ingredients and according to this diet, certain fruits create specific reactions in your body: papaya softens...

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