About Thatcher Government

About Thatcher Government

Since Thatcher's death,anger and revulsion keep bursting into the open.Cameron, claimed that Thatcher "saved our country".Most don't believe she "put the 'Great' back into Great Britain" at all, her economic policies are seen to have done "more harm than good".

Thatcher's government delivered rampant inequality, social breakdown, disastrous financial deregulation, pulverising deindustrialisation and mass unemployment.

Growth during the 1960s, at 3% ,while the 1970s, at 2.4%, was exactly the same as during the 1980s, and lower again under Thatcher's government, at 2.2%.

Productivity growth was also higher in the 60s.What her government did do was redistribute growth from the poor to the rich, driving up profits and slashing employees' share of national income through her assault on trade unions.

Thatcher was Britain's first woman prime minister, but her policies hit women hardest, just as Cameron's are doing today:privatisation, liberalisation, low taxes for the wealthy and rising inequality.Tony Blair says he saw his job as "to build on some of the things she had done rather than reverse them".

Winston Churchill, who really did unite the country for a time against the mortal threat from Nazi Germany. Thatcher did the opposite though every effort will be made today to milk her short but bloody colonial conflict in the south Atlantic for all its jingoistic worth.

But Thatcherism was only an early variant of what became the neoliberal capitalism adopted across the world for the next generation. And it's that model which imploded in the crash of 2008. Her reforms could be said to have "sowed the seeds" of the current crisis.So I think it's time not just to bury Thatcher, but Thatcherism itself.

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