About a Boy, Summary, Author Etc.

About a Boy, Summary, Author Etc.

About a boy '' Nick hornby


Will is 36 but behaves like a teenager. He’s single, rich and cool.
He has no responsibilities '' no parents, no children, no family.
Marcus is 12 and behaves like an adult. He has just moved to
London with his mum, Fiona. He isn’t much like other kids of his
age and he’s having trouble at his new school. Fiona, meanwhile,
is heading for a breakdown.
Will and Marcus meet by chance on the day that Fiona tries to
kill herself. She recovers, but Marcus thinks she will try again and
leave him on his own. He realises that Will can teach him how to be
a kid and fit in at school. Will doesn’t know how to cope with a
suicidal mother, but he does know what trainers to wear and what
music to listen to.
Marcus and Will change each other’s lives forever. Marcus
teaches Will not to walk away from responsibility. Will teaches
Marcus how to live in today’s world.

Nick Hornby lives in the Islington area of north London where many
of his novels are set. His son, Danny, born in 1993, was diagnosed
as autistic when he was only two years old. Hornby and his wife
helped to set up TreeHouse, a special school for autistic children.
Looking after Danny is a huge part of his life.
Although his books are London-based, Hornby says that he feels
more comfortable with contemporary American literature than
British. He likes writing that is simple and accessible, but sharp and
intelligent. He is currently pop music critic for the New Yorker

Background & themes

About a Boy explores growing up and learning to have
relationships. The author develops this theme through the
character of Will, his unlikely hero. When we meet Will, he doesn’t
care about anything or anyone, not even his friends. He has no
commitments '' no job, no family, no long-term relationship. But
through his contact with Marcus and Fiona, despite their messed
up lives, he comes to realise that a cool lifestyle is not enough '' he...

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