Absolute Monarchy

Absolute Monarchy

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Absolute Monarchy
In Absolute Monarchy is ruled by a King or a Queen. The King or Queen holds all the really power. So for instance if a Queen said “off with your head” well you would be headless. An Absolute Monarchy cannot be restrained or limited and is not held to any laws or constitution. The rise of Absolute Monarchies date way back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. That’s when a lot of monarchs in the eastern and western Europe started to gain power in the central of their government.
In some ways an Absolute Monarchy can be one of the best types of the government. It is also one of the worst. There is only one person so it’s easier to make decisions and to go forward with ideals. Then the way you can become a King or Queen is through bloodline, Marriage, or force. So there is a lot of room for corruption. King and Queens Rule over all their land, rule over the people, and all kingdoms that they concord. They may do whatever they want with who they want, when they want.
Role of the Citizens
When you are a citizen and your government is an Absolute Monarchy you have no rights. Citizens have no voice at all. They may only exist and do as the King and Queen or the Kings or Queens Men say to do. If you do not the King or Queen can punish you in any way they see fit.
Compare and Contrast
An Absolute Monarchy serves as the source of power in the state and has all the power. Were as in a Presidential Democracy is the citizens have the majority of the power. In both there is only one person in charge of the military and is the face of the government.

Constitutional Monarchy
They have a King or Queen who is the figure head. They are in charge still but do not have one hundred present of the power. With most Constitutional Monarchies there is a Parliament. The Parliament has a lot of the power. The King and Queen mostly have public...

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