Abstract Paper on Capital Punishment

Abstract Paper on Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment, Right or Wrong

Linda S. Richardson

English Composition II

Angie Temple

September 1, 2008


Putting someone to death: is it right or wrong? While there are many aspects of this issue, one fact remains: how would you feel if you lost a loved one to a murderer? The internet and the Ashford University school library were used as a source for the information I gathered. I will also apply my own thoughts and reasoning to the issues around this type of punishment. We will explore the many reasons for and against this volatile issue.

Right or wrong, the only democracies practicing capital punishment legally today are the U.S., South Korea, and Japan (Robinson, 2008). There are people that would argue that some death row criminals are innocent, or that they are there because of the color of their skin, or because of mental illness. What I will be touching on is the reasoning behind why there is capital punishment and what feelings the practice brings to each of us.

Some people believe that to kill another human being for crimes they have committed achieves nothing but another death. I am of the belief that there is resolution for victim’s families that comes with an execution. The issue of paying for the crime is resolved. While this may sound barbaric, try explaining to a grieving mother that she will never see her child again, that the person responsible is allowed to live while her child is being buried.

What about the victims themselves? They are no longer here. They cannot make the decision as to what should happen to the person who was responsible for taking the most precious thing we receive from God, the gift of life. If the victim had a family, who is left to raise their children? Many times the children suffer the most in this instance. Who pays for this atrocity? No one can replace a parent. This loss is irretrievable.

There are some who believe that there are many people on death row who are...

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