Abstract - Short Essay

Abstract - Short Essay

Social interaction generally occurs ın a social comunity which faces up a problem.And people do unusul event or aims like in the story The Pearl written by John Steinbeck. The story turns around Kino’s son ‘Coyotito’ and the problems whose main reason is Coyotito. Coyotito’s family and the other people’s behaviors shape according to Coyotito’s situation. To understand the story well we need to know important role of Coyotito. We can ask some question to understand the significant role of Coyotito like ‘how does Coyotito effect himself?’ ‘how does Coyotito effect his family? ‘how does Coyotito effect the comunity where the actions take place?’. These questions help us to carry on this study.
The method use in this study is descriptive qualitative research. It means that
the writer tries to describe the influence of Coyotito. We can understand it from phrase and phragraph.. Moreover, this study uses interpretative approach that
only focuses on the specific object in the novel without relating them to any other
elements. The data are mainly collected from original text of the Pearl by John

The result of this study; initially, the novel describes condition of La Paz
society until Coyotito was bitten by a scorpion. Secondly, effects of Coyotito to his family and the other people by the way coyotito is used as a mirror the reflection of comunity’s situation.
This study help us to understand this novel’s both surface meaning and deep meaning.Then, this study can help students who want to make a research on this topic.

Key Words : social interaction, expectancy , racism, corruption, desire of equility


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