Ac/Dc Biography

Ac/Dc Biography

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Mike Pitzo
T, TH 7:45
Paper 2 / Final Project


Short Answer # 1

AC/DC is one of the greatest rock bands in music history. There have many songs that I like, but my favorite is Hell’s Bells. When I am playing in a sport, or when I am at a live sporting event I like to listen to music that gets my addreniline going, or pumps me up! Hell’s Bells is one of the best songs to get my addreniline going! The melody of Hell’s Bells sounds like it is wide ranged due to what sounds like many notes between the lowest note and highest note. Hell’s Bells also sounds like it has a disjunct movement to it. This means that Hell’s Bells has a disjointed or disconnected melody with many leaps, or the notes jump around. Hell’s Bells also has an ascending contour in the melody. The rhythm of Hell’s Bells starts slow but then moves to fast throughout the song. The song also seems to have been written in duple meter. Hell’s Bells also sounds like it has syncopation it, especially when the guitar is playing low pattern of notes and then all of a sudden jumps to a higher pattern of notes. The harmony of Hell’s Bells sounds like it has an ascending scale. This means that in each scale the notes seem to start lower and then go up as it reaches the end of the scale. The tonality of the song is minor. The song is talking about Satan coming to get us and Hell’s Bells are ringing to let us know he is coming. So this deffinatly sounds sad to me thus making the tontality minor. There also is dissonance is Hell’s Bells. The notes of the guitar and the drums make the song sound tense since Satan is coming to get us. The texture of the song has a principal melody and a accompanying harmony, making it homophony texture. The overall pace of Hell’s Bells is accelerando meaning that it gradually speeds up from the beginning to the end of the song.

Short Answer # 2

The band AC/DC was started by Angus and Malcolm Young. Angus and Malcolm Young were born in Glasgow,...

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