Academic writing plan

Academic writing plan

Writing Plan

Question: Compare and contrast the winter life of ground squirrels and Monarch butterflies.

As two totally different kinds of animals, they have their own cold-hardiness so that they will choose different ways to pass the winter. For ground squirrels, they will spend most of their time hibernating in winter. However, the Monarch butterflies choose to migrate to warm place when the winter comes.

Paragraph 1
Topic Sentence: Firstly, I would like to talk about the hibernation of the ground squirrels.
Supporting details: A: Ground squirrels usually live in burrows.
B: Ground squirrels don’t go out to find food as often as usual in winter.
C: Ground squirrels can use up less energy to keep living.
Paragraph 2
Topic Sentence: Then, I am going to talk about the migration of the Monarch butterflies.
Supporting details: A: The Monarch butterfly is the only specie that will migrate among butterflies.
B: Every year, Monarch butterflies will fly a long distance to the same place.
C: During the migration, the Monarch butterfly will change generation.
Paragraph 3
Topic Sentence: Last but not least, the most important reason for why they have different winter lives is that they are two totally different kinds of animals.
Supporting details: A: The ground squirrel is a kind of mammal, but Monarch butterfly is a kind of insect.
B: The habitats of two kinds of animals are quite different.
C: The habit of two kinds of animals is absolutely different.

All in all, things I wrote above shows the winter life of each one of these two kinds of animals
and analyzes why they are quite different.

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