ACC 410 Strayer Test Bank

ACC 410 Strayer Test Bank

ACC 410 Strayer Test Bank

All Chapters Included with answers.
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All Chapters Included with solutions.
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ACC 410 Strayer Test Bank
Chapter 1 – The Government and Not-For-Profit Environment
Chapter 2 - Fund Accounting
Chapter 3 – Government Financial Reporting
Chapter 4 – Governmental Activities - Recognizing Revenues
Chapter 5 – Governmental Activities - Recognizing Expenditures and Expenses
Chapter 6 – Governmental Activities - Accounting for Capital Projects and Debt Service
Chapter 7 – Governmental Activities - Capital Assets and Investments in Marketable Securities
Chapter 8 – Governmental Activities - Long-Term Obligations
Chapter 9 – Business-Type Activities and Internal Services
Chapter 10 – Permanent Funds and Fiduciary Funds
Chapter 11 – Issues of Reporting, Disclosure, and Financial Analysis
Chapter 12 – Not-for-Profit Organizations
Chapter 13 – Special Issues for Not-for-Profit Health Care Providers and Institutions of Higher Education
Chapter 14 – Auditing Governments and Not-for-Profit Organizations
Chapter 15 – Financial Analysis

Chapter 1 – The Government and Not-For-Profit Environment


1. The main objective of a typical governmental entity is to earn a profit.

2. A government’s budget may be backed by the force of law....

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