ACC 423 Final Exam

ACC 423 Final Exam

ACC 423 Final Exam
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1) Proceeds from an issue of debt securities having stock warrants should
NOT be allocated between debt and equity features when
A. the allocation would result in a discount on the debt security
B. the warrants issued with the debt securities are nondetachable
C. exercise of the warrants within the next few fiscal periods seems remote
D. the market value of the warrants is NOT readily available
2) The conversion of preferred stock may be recorded by the
A. market value method
B. par value method
C. book value method
D. incremental method
3) The conversion of preferred stock into common stock requires that any
excess of the par value of the common shares issued over the carrying
amount of the preferred being converted should be
A. treated as a prior period adjustment
B. treated as a direct reduction of retained earnings
C. reflected currently in income as an extraordinary item
D. reflected currently in income, but NOT as an extraordinary item
4) A primary source of stockholders’ equity is
A. contributions by stockholders
B. both income retained by the corporation and contributions by
C. appropriated retained earnings
D. income retained by the corporation
5) Stockholders’ equity is generally classified into two major categories:
A. retained earnings and unappropriated capital
B. earned capital and contributed capital
C. appropriated capital and retained earnings
D. contributed capital and appropriated capital
6) When a corporation issues its capital stock in payment for services, the
least appropriate basis for recording the transaction is the

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