ACC 565 Complete Course - Strayer

ACC 565 Complete Course - Strayer

ACC 565 Complete Course - Strayer (Assignments - Dqs - And Final)

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ACC565 Week 1 Discussions
Tax Representation Guidelines" Please respond to the following:
•Compare the American Institute of CPAs’ (AICPA) Statements on Tax Standards (SSTS) and the Treasury Department Circular 230 rules to practice before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Suggest which document creates better guidance in the preparation of tax returns and written advice provided to taxpayers.
•Imagine that you are a CPA, and there is a conflict in the Circular 230 and the SSTS. Identify the guidelines that you would use, and support your selection

"Interpreting Tax Research" Please respond to the following:
•From the e-Activity, evaluate the importance of the principal issue litigated in the case in question, using the tax research steps outlined in Appendix A of your text.
•From the e-Activity, give your opinion on the adequacy of the ruling in the case based on the Medicare guidelines, petitioners expensing policy, and the tax laws identified in the case.

Discussion 1
"Transfers to Controlled Corporations" Please respond to the following:
Create a scenario where the transfer of property to a controlled corporation under Section 351 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) results in the taxation to the transferor. Evaluate the fairness of the taxation of the transaction to the transferor. Provide a tax-planning strategy to prevent taxation of similar transfers.

Discussion 2
"Related Party Losses" Please respond to the following:

Section 267 of the IRC disallows a deduction on losses realized on the sale of property and a deduction for accrued expenses between a corporation and a controlling shareholder. GAAP does...

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