I did this project because I wanted to do something with a natural object, so I chose to put plants, in this case daisies, near a Wi-Fi router and see how the plant would grow or die due to the exposure to Wi-Fi. My plan didn’t really change much. I only had to improvise to give them sun. During school I put them outside in the sun and water them every three days if their soil was dry. This was an interesting topic that I got invested in searching through the web for ideas. I wanted to prove that plant growth speed decrease when exposed to the radiation of the Wi-Fi router. I wanted to see the difference in height, color, or amount of leaves that has fallen of the plant stem. I was never super interested in plants so I wanted to try a topic I usually never would do. I took something I couldn’t live without and combined it with the other thing I couldn’t live without.


The daisies near the router will slow in growth while the daisies far from the router will grow fine because the plants near the router will absorb a lot of radiation from the Wi-Fi router and that might slow or stop the growth of the plant (daisies).
16 Daisies
Water Source
2 Trays
Plant food (not needed)

The experiment is designed to either slow quicken the growth rate of the common daisy. I measure the tallest points of each flower and marked it down.

Main Procedure:
Part A: Preparing the Daisies
1. Divide daisies in half
2. Set router up
3. Put a router in the middle of daisy group 1(With Wi-Fi)
4. Put daisy group 2 (No Wi-Fi) far from group 1
Part B: Testing the Daisies
1. Put both groups outside for 6 hours
2. Water 2-3 days or when the soil is dry
3. Retrieve plants
4. Put plants in the original spots
5. Replace router in Group 1
Part C: Collecting Data
1. Take ruler to measure tallest stem(Cm)
2. Write down measurement in data table
3. Repeat with every plant...

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